The world is washed in light this cold afternoon.ย Woodsmoke and dryness drop into the airย around me. I have surrounded myself with gardens and forestsย as they start to decay.

Seeking inspiration….


I paint and draw many images from nature and don’t want to fall into the trap of the internet being my main source of visual information. Although I must admit, I have never come close to capturing a ย decent picture of a fox or a fawn….

But the trees and flowers do not run away.


I wish some of the slower creatures were out today. The cold seems to be keeping them in. A snail or tomato worm? A toad perhaps?

Just the plants. These succulents are not bothered by last nights frost…


And I wrapped the Tomatillos is sheets; hundreds of them are still not ripe…


I love the idea of incorporation these husk tomatoes into a painting. Maybe as some kind of lantern or balloon.


Walking outside and in nature helps me to get new ideas when i feel stuck. I like to repeat the same images and themes in my work, until I am done with them. Without new inspiration constantly coming in the work starts to go flat. It peaks and becomes pointless to keep recreating a stale idea. I am challenging myself to try to find new inspiration and images every day.