I began combining watercolor and pen and ink this past summer.ย I have been working in pen and ink since I was a teenager and watercolor for a few years.ย I tended to use paper that was specifically made for pen and ink. No way it would take paint.

However, watercolor paper is absolutely amazing with pen and ink.ย I recommend the hot press, it is smoother that the cold press, therefore is not going to destroy the delicate tip of the pens.


Specifically 300 lb hot press Arches paper. It is thick, feels and looks very substantial. Because of this property, the edges looks beautiful torn. The artist that turned me onto this paper, frames their work with the edges exposed. I have not tried this with any of my pieces yet, but i want to, it looks absolutely lovely.

I have been a loyal user of micron pens forever, they dry out a bit fast, but are quite competent in making marks and the ink is archival. I have pieces from twenty years ago that are still holding strong. No fading or yellowing yet. I just tried their Studio Series.ย ๐Ÿ’œย them. They are somehow….inkier.

Watercolor paper works beautifully for pen and ink alone too!


Prints and originals of all pieces used in this post are available at lovelylonelythings.etsy.comย !!!

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