I used to work in a job that required me to draw every day. I had this job for five years. Even when I was working on an image that I found boring, or was being micromanaged by a client who had no idea what makes a good piece, I was still drawing. I was still becoming a better artist. I would then tattoo these pieces onto my darling and occasionally difficult clients, knowing they would look at the work everyday and I wanted to make them proud.

There is an idea out there, that tattooers just trace preexisting designs onto the skin and anyone can do it. This is seriously insulting to the artists who put a lifetime of acquired skills into the work that they do. We also deal with people who cry, pass out, try to get out of paying, vomit, make us redraw that same little thing a million times because they are nervous. We also spend our free time emailing and drawing for clients. No benefits, long hours…. also, amazing people, work to really be proud of, never a dull moment, wonderful weirdos and the ever important money. ย As a tattooer, the money was on point. It is the only work I have done where I felt I was being paid adequately for my skills as an artist.

But….. I am taking a break from it. I needed to.

I have been painting and drawing A LOT. I love being able to sit at my desk everyday and make work that is coming from my own weird little brain.

There are just so many distractions! Maybe I should eat a little somethin,” hmm just a snack, oh no dirty dishes, can’t just wash the dishes should vacuum too, cute kitty wants to play.. the dog looks jealous, i should take him for a walk… soooooo nice out maybe just a cup of tea in the sun…. oh dear how is it already five o’clock …… yep thats about how it goes.

What to do? Sometimes just a bit of intentional doodling gets the ball rolling. Adding one or two sketches to my sketchbook everyday is an day is an unofficial goal. I find that just following a thread of ideas and seeing what happens keeps things moving along. I have been creating a string of mini paintings that I have just “let happen.” I am not stopping to think “Is this corny? Have I already done this? Will anyone want to buy it?” Some of them have turned out great, some… not so much, but thats okay. Trying to trust myself, my abilities and my cosmic connection to the universe…

Now some pics๐Ÿ’œ