Tides, feminine cycles, the seasons, the passage of time, direction and many other elements can be determined by the moons ability to stay its course. It is consistent and dependable in this way. However, the moon is also always changing, so while its cycles and passage by the Earth may be predictable, it is never the same moon two nights in a row. Within the moon, rhythm and cycles can perfectly co-exist along side growth and change.

This card may be a sign that you need to change something big in your life and that even though you are afraid, you do not need to worry about losing yourself. Your true essence will still remain without the job, relationship, hobby, home or task that you have tied your identity up with.

This card could mean that your life has already been thrown into seeming chaos either by your own, or someone else’s actions, or fate has done this to you. The moon is a reassuring sign that there is a strong, consistent presence in your life, you just need to see it. It could be a large thing, like another person, or a job, or it could be a more easily overlooked presence, like a pet or a ritual. The key Β is to identify the thing that you can always count on to feel calm in the storm.